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Who we are

We are a group of radio amateurs interested in writing software, chatting in the EU-Convers. We are not an official association or a club. Just friends. Our focus is Linux and packet radio.

What we are up to

There are several projects which were born while chatting at #1409. Go to our projects page to see which of them are alive and which are currently waiting to be revived.

What's new

(12/06/2005, Robert)
G-PSK31 development has moved from Luc, LX2GT to Joop, PG4I.
(09/27/2005, Robert)
OK, everything should be ready. There isn't really much left here.
(09/20/2005, Robert)
I have started rewriting the site. I don't want to change the layout, but get rid of obsolete content and freshen up the remaining stuff.
That's why I'm not introducing a CMS, but just dynamically loading the page header from an include file using PHP.