What is GNOM?

GNOM is a new terminal software running in textmode on LinuX. Once again, this is one of those often seen recursive short-cuts and stands for "GNOM is NOT MCuT".

What can it do?

Currently, these functions are available:

What comes next?

These things are planned for the future:

Hardware access

Starting with version 0.3.0, I have moved hardware access out of GNOM and into seperate daemons. This way, other autors can develop interfaces for more packet hard- and software without having to mess up my code. If it works as I like, multiple hardware drivers can be used at once. We will see as soon as there is more than one driver (i.e. the driver for kernel-AX25). But I hope other drivers will soon show up.

Drivers currently available:

I haven't come round to writing a documentation yet. All routines regarding the GNOM <-> driver interface can be found in the files comm.c and comm.h. Using these it should be possible to write a new driver.

A driver for the WA8DED-hostmode and one for WAMPES are under construction. In case anyone would like to develop his own driver, I would appreciate a mail, so projects can be coordinated. Perhaps an additional note in board "GNOM" in the VJBox DB0EA-9 is possible.


Main program:

Available drivers:


Questions, suggestions and more entries for the to-do list are welcomed. Please send them either via AX.25-S&F to DG6VJ@DB0EA.#NRW.DEU.EU or by internet e-mail to