Project list

Most of the following software (or projects) are developed by their particular authors and are not necessary projects of "" (which isn't a formal group, as you know). They have in common that a) their developers meet on #1409 and b) they are available with source.

Project Description Author Licence Platform more
KPSK KPSK is a new, easy to use PSK31 terminal program for KDE, based on the PSK31 implementation by Hansi, DL9RDZ. Luc, LX2GT,
David, WB5NHL,
Ernest, KG9NI
GPL Linux (KDE) Homepage
Project page
LinKT LinKT is a packet terminal for Linux and the KDE. Robert, DL1NC
Jochen, DG6VJ
Hans-Peter, DG4IAD
GPL Linux (KDE) Project page
KT7F Program your T7F data tranceiver from a Qt application. Paul, DG1CPA GPL Linux (Qt) Homepage
G-PSK31 G-PSK31 is an easy to use PSK31 terminal program, based on the PSK31 implementation by Hansi, DL9RDZ and the GTK+ toolkit. Joop, PG4I
Luc, LX2GT
GPL Linux (X11, GTK+) Homepage
ax25spyd ax25spyd (formerly known as monixd) is a daemon which listens for AX.25 packets from the kernel-AX.25 on Linux-like systems. Walter, DG9EP GPL Linux Homepage
DIDADIT This is a protocol, not a program. It is intended to replace AutoBIN and YAPP. Walter, DG9EP,
Jochen, DG6VJ,
Ulf, DH1DAE,
Hans-Peter, DG4IAD,
Reinald, DH2MBM
et al
©, implementations not restricted all Homepage
ax25-config Configuration tool for libax25. Walter, DG0AN,
Mirko, DG2FER
GPL Linux Project page
TalKT Voice-over-AX.25 application, similar to FlexTalk but not compatible. Hans-Peter, DG4IAD,
Jochen, DG6VJ
GPL Linux (KDE) Homepage
VJBox VJBox is a modularized AX.25-BBS system. It consists of a server which manages the message-base, and different frontends which emulate the user interface of other systems or newsreaders etc. Jochen, DG6VJ GPL Unix Homepage
GNOM GNOM is a simple packet terminal for the linux console. It uses kernel-AX.25 and ncurses. Jochen, DG6VJ GPL Linux Homepage
MCuT MCuT is a packet radio system for DOS (there is a linux-version, but it is unstable). It includes a terminal and a BBS and supports PC/FlexNet and WA8DED-compatible TNCs. Hans-Peter, DG4IAD,
Jochen, DG6VJ
GPL DOS, Linux (fpc-Pascal) Homepage
NNTPSHOW NNTPSHOW is a newsreader for WNOS (and possibly other *NOS). Jochen, DG6VJ Free for Hamradio DOS Download (binary only)
FiveNine A logging program for VHF/UHF/SHF contests. Stefan, DL1ELY Public domain sourcecode DOS Download (C sourcecode only)
Firmware for the FALCon/TNC4 hardware Walter, DG9EP public domain TNC4/FALCon Sorry, no working link at the moment.
Terminal SIDs Specification of an identifier used by packet radio terminal software which allows an exchange of supported features. Hans-Peter, DG4IAD
and others
unknown all Specification