ax25spyd (formerly known as "monixd") is a daemon which listens for AX.25 packets from the kernel-AX.25 on Linux-like systems. These packets are decoded (like "listen" from ax25-apps) but not displayed.

Other programs can connect to ax25spyd and issue commands. They will get all heard AX.25-packets in a human-readable format, an mheard structure, as DX-Cluster messages or as spydata.

The program ax25spy (included in the tarball) is an demo program for ax25spyd. It uses the TCP/IP-Port 14090 to connect to the running ax25spyd and sends commands.

The answers of ax25spyd will be read by ax25spy and be displayed. You can also use port 14091 and 14092; there are no commands possible. On 14091 all packets are shown in readable format, so you can simply telnet to this port.

ax25spy/ax25spyd has been developed and tested under Linux 2.0.36, glibc2 with debian2-layout.

The commands, the IDs and everything else may change in the future.

ax25spyd contains code from listen, ax25mond and (very little) from wwwoffled. This code was glued together by Walter Koch, DG9EP


ax25spyd-0.23.tar.gz (109 kB)
ax25spyd-0.20pre.tar.gz (51 kB)